Melancholia… And Fromistcy


“Reading in the cafe, in the cold afternoon, I came across Magic Square once again.

The thoughts of history rushes at me, I am engulfed by its darkness, once again.

This image, is far too intimate. Those who know… may never know.

I sleep, I sleep, I sleep…” – Fromistcy

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Negative Five…

The morning frost, staring into me. Succumbed to her possession I sense the travellers near some distance rushing by, like a tsunami, in the flooding rivers of the deep rain. It’s lovely.

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Fractal… Heart…

When a mathematician is heartbroken,
he turns to fractals and sees his companion…

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Midnight Nausea

I have no longer a heart, nor can I see it shatter;
yet through my body and soul, possesses me name Anguish.
‘Tis incomparable a torture, ’tis burning hell a pain;
’tis around me the nausea, I sense my spirit in vain.”

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Love Incomple…

Thou hast gifted me divergent path,
damnation or tragedy as mortal’s end;
neither was told in the holy script,
yet I must confess, ’tis not my list.

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Words to my love

Thou art my lord and I the slave,
in thy palms are orbs to my fate;
sweet sweet air in thy power to gift,
or Laertes edge to end this day.

Yet nothing else but I to accuse,
’tis thy will let me be saved;
no reprise nor perish shall do thee wrong,
no remorse nor grief for all I done.

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