To Learn, To Educate…

In this reckless, superfluous grave of words words words…

Even thinkers are becoming the undead themselves.

This world has became obsessed with effciency, it does not realise that that quality, that which was once a symbol of devotion for thinkers, is now silently deserted.

I seek no teacher but one; I have no student but one.

As for the rest, no lives shall know the inner  mechanism of this enormous machinery which drives the herd; or perhaps God and her shepherd?

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Imprisonment and Freedom

Academic freedom?

To be an academic is to lose that freedom in this superfluous world of words words words…

Ideally my life is a drama of travelling around nowhere and nothing but air…

Facing myself, I am honest enough to confess that I would rather be locked up in a lone cellar, or better – a mental hospital. These places, are paradises, to this weary stale flat and unprofitable earth; these places, are where I shall have freedom, freedom to think, to write, to reflect, without the cumbersome nonsense of this grave.

Imprisonment is thus what sets us free – isn’t prison, to be devoutly wished?

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Dream, Transcendence, Lullaby

Valendar Candle

Last night, a lavender candle lit, the vanilla fragrance rises with a burning heart.

I read, the works of this man, whom I love so much, so dearly; music sings from hehind.

I fall, in this darkness, into a dream, a dream surreal and yet sensual; the man speaks.

Music speaks to me, the words that possess me, the dionysian ghost embraces.

This transcendental experience, makes union of my will and intellect, serene and yet, nauseating.

In a vain search, I see a partial reflection, that draws me into a silvery whirlpool.

Perhaps it was the spirits dancing, a tango, a violin; I rise out of myself and then, stares down back at me.

… The world, is no longer around me, it is within me.

Sing… sing… sing…

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Philosophy, Mathematics, and, Belonging…

Facing the crowd I stand, red curtains be my company.

I speak.

“I, am a surjective homomorphism (which maps onto this world in which I exist), (but) without any inverses.”

Connected to, yet isolated from – you.

I belong, only to me.

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Education, and Existence

“I may no longer tolerate this… Philosophy, and in particular, critical thinking, should, and must be, a compulsory core unit of each and every secondary colledge throughout this world, along with language (linguistics) and an appropriate level of mathematics. It is okay if persons have no specialised knowledge in areas from the sciences, or the arts, but it is an absolute absurdity, if people do not even know how to think, at least, to think with validity – to be.

Only then, will liberty come into being, when people close themselves from being manipulated, and cease the attempt to do so. Only then, will people swim away from their swamp of ugliness, will they again, be human, not tools.

Allow not your pretencious black cloaks, filled with intending fallacious entities deceive with opinions, if so, do not speak. If queries may arise, then let your words flow, revealing a genuine curiosity of the mind. Existence, need not opinions nor a circular questioning of the question, it, wants reason. ”

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