Education, and Existence

“I may no longer tolerate this… Philosophy, and in particular, critical thinking, should, and must be, a compulsory core unit of each and every secondary colledge throughout this world, along with language (linguistics) and an appropriate level of mathematics. It is okay if persons have no specialised knowledge in areas from the sciences, or the arts, but it is an absolute absurdity, if people do not even know how to think, at least, to think with validity – to be.

Only then, will liberty come into being, when people close themselves from being manipulated, and cease the attempt to do so. Only then, will people swim away from their swamp of ugliness, will they again, be human, not tools.

Allow not your pretencious black cloaks, filled with intending fallacious entities deceive with opinions, if so, do not speak. If queries may arise, then let your words flow, revealing a genuine curiosity of the mind. Existence, need not opinions nor a circular questioning of the question, it, wants reason. ”

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