To Learn, To Educate…

In this reckless, superfluous grave of words words words…

Even thinkers are becoming the undead themselves.

This world has became obsessed with effciency, it does not realise that that quality, that which was once a symbol of devotion for thinkers, is now silently deserted.

I seek no teacher but one; I have no student but one.

As for the rest, no lives shall know the inner  mechanism of this enormous machinery which drives the herd; or perhaps God and her shepherd?

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Imprisonment and Freedom

Academic freedom?

To be an academic is to lose that freedom in this superfluous world of words words words…

Ideally my life is a drama of travelling around nowhere and nothing but air…

Facing myself, I am honest enough to confess that I would rather be locked up in a lone cellar, or better – a mental hospital. These places, are paradises, to this weary stale flat and unprofitable earth; these places, are where I shall have freedom, freedom to think, to write, to reflect, without the cumbersome nonsense of this grave.

Imprisonment is thus what sets us free – isn’t prison, to be devoutly wished?

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