Silent Tears

My word, is ‘farewell’.

I choose to walk alone, because I lament over farewell.

I too miss my dear people, though I must coldly farewell.

I wish to share my sorrows, yet I silently say farewell.

I weep in darkness in isolation, to this world I bid thee farewell.

My word it is, sadly – farewell…

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Light, Mist

In dream I speak of words from my mind,

Seeing my thoughts in the sun it shines,

Sweet world of free spirit awaken by a sound,

My eyes greet the morning light yet mist they find;

Darkness of poison shall flow only in disguise,

When most silent I hear my heart it rings in lies,

In day I sleep for its lights too blinding,

Such cursed hour voices it shall never unwind.

—- Dream is life and life is a dream; Day be night and night be day.

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Sweet Lyrics

Night is here, you are near, the moon is bright, the curtains fall; we waltz along, the music sings, around us, with us, within our heart.

The candle’s lit, our shadows dance, your eyes are clear, your breath I hear; I kiss your lips, sweetness love, sense the dark, saviour it dear.

We walk along, this little road, my shadows cast, before me; across your path, you do not see, you walk on me, you now have me.

Your words, those words I hear, I sense your voice, within my heart; the silence, we appraise it dear, our eyes will speak, your smile is dear.

My love, in my heart, entwining soul, dramatic art; I miss you, when you’re not here, my dear, sleep we share.

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Music Box

The elf’s music box, a lover’s tears,

serene yet solemn, no one hears.

Since the day my string had ceased her songs,

my heart fell for you. In air; in vain.

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An Actor

I don’t praise truth for its virtue, rather, for my mere pleasure.

I read not for my life’s self, but only for that it pleases her.

– one of action, one who acts…

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Books keep me awake, Music puts me to rest…

I now need music, in fact, supremely sublime, serene, soothing, splendorous and tranquil music, which possess the magic to softly and gently smooth out all thoughts from reading, contemplacion, curl them neatly into meditative vapours for the daylight, and draw the curtains of my mind to a close, for tonight…

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