Sweet Lyrics

Night is here, you are near, the moon is bright, the curtains fall; we waltz along, the music sings, around us, with us, within our heart.

The candle’s lit, our shadows dance, your eyes are clear, your breath I hear; I kiss your lips, sweetness love, sense the dark, saviour it dear.

We walk along, this little road, my shadows cast, before me; across your path, you do not see, you walk on me, you now have me.

Your words, those words I hear, I sense your voice, within my heart; the silence, we appraise it dear, our eyes will speak, your smile is dear.

My love, in my heart, entwining soul, dramatic art; I miss you, when you’re not here, my dear, sleep we share.

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Music Box

The elf’s music box, a lover’s tears,

serene yet solemn, no one hears.

Since the day my string had ceased her songs,

my heart fell for you. In air; in vain.

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