A Beautiful Beast

Language is a locked gate segregating thoughts from wisdom, language is also the crippled craft by these artisans of the arts; language and thoughts are as sunlight and its shadow, inseparable yet forever battling; language is also a most cunning rogue, endlessly deceiving those fools who walk earth, snatching away from them their innocence, turning them away from wisdom. Man made language, little do they know, that they have summoned a beast of far greater power and grace, untamable by man it reacted against man upon shame, what is such deed if not self-destruction? Man has ambitions, yet the world is filled with dull and thick air, they cannot breathe! Oh pitiful creatures covered in mud and dust, yet you selfless creatures, do you not remember where the lake is? Yet you, my children, still attempting to light up a candle in your cave.

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The Long Fermata

The long fermata, an artist’s feather,
with every subtle touch, it caresses the air;
Such light air breathes, of joyful wisdom,
the scent of lavender, calm and fair;

Beauty of Demeter, in autumn she gifts,
of golden leaves, and flourishing honey;
Praise thy nature, shall we not rejoice?
of work of life, an eternal affair. 

The long fermata, an artist’s feather,
with every subtle touch, she caresses the air;
Such light air breathes, of rosary sorrows,
when Luna rises, she hears silent tears;

Persephone my child, how sinful such deed!
be fruit autumn gifts, yet winter it sees;
Oh dear lonely child, your voice they hail the earth,
it shatters the mortal hearts, of life of art.

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A Painter’s Sorrows

A painter is cast into a weary world,

Beauty he praises with stones and sand,

The rushing crowd stomp over her stature,

Not they to blame for they are blind;

What sins done I for such cruel torture?

My heart it twists so suffer this pain,

For I cannot bring light to this earth,

Oh must I cease sight or let life lie?

Yet in cave here sits men with lamps,

Words on walls and songs from winds,

Dwell in sleep I dream your voice,

Dear friends oh nature love you not mine?

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Dream of Darkness

Last night, I dreamt, that I have created a new world;

Dark spheres of truth emerged from nothingness;

They grow rapidly and merge and form into transluscent bubbles;

I step inside and escape, an endless cycle.

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