A Beautiful Beast

Language is a locked gate segregating thoughts from wisdom, language is also the crippled craft by these artisans of the arts; language and thoughts are as sunlight and its shadow, inseparable yet forever battling; language is also a most cunning rogue, endlessly deceiving those fools who walk earth, snatching away from them their innocence, turning them away from wisdom. Man made language, little do they know, that they have summoned a beast of far greater power and grace, untamable by man it reacted against man upon shame, what is such deed if not self-destruction? Man has ambitions, yet the world is filled with dull and thick air, they cannot breathe! Oh pitiful creatures covered in mud and dust, yet you selfless creatures, do you not remember where the lake is? Yet you, my children, still attempting to light up a candle in your cave.

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