Oh World! Oh Human!

“Why so serious?”? What’s wrong with the world is not that people are serious, no! It’s that they are so careless that they’ve developed a fear for any seriousness – truth, they have become weak, lazy, stupid, ill. They can no longer even comprehend the wise words of the fool. They can no longer appreciate what it is to be human. Only idiots take Bladerunner to the word. 2019? No! It had already began! Long ago! Indifferent, disinterested, robotic, calculating, utilitarian, meaningless. Oh my dear humans, what’s going on in your heads? Do you begin your thoughts and then cut it off because they terrify you? Anyone dare to be honest and speak to me that they are living their life to its full, that is, they are really self conscious of what they are thinking and how they are living? Or else I challenge you with this question – why do you even live?

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