After Rain

I’ll be happy with just a loaf of bread.
Put me into the most miserable place, I’ll be more happy than all the people;
lock me up inside an isolated cell, I’ll have more freedom than I have now.

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A Poem

Mist through which I see,

Your serene form floats free,

No men may read such grace,

Give wisdom art of beauty;

Devil dwells in darkness,

Lone songs of pain and sadness,

Verses of love be dreams,

You alone be divinity.

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This sudden urge to wish everyone, everyone on this planet, peace, happiness and a splendorous life, this sudden feeling of love and pity for mankind…

Now I feel the torn between the two worlds, this tension it has brought upon me.

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The greatest happiness are found within the world of the beautiful, but only after the most bleak and weary hours of suffering.

And this world, is the world of the ‘rationalists’, or the ‘world of universals’, it is where rationality resides, the world of truth, of light, of perfection, of purity. I thank beauty.

How this joy overwhelms! How I am lost for expressions! In this darkness I have found light! In this winter I have found fire, and this fire, shall lit the path that will guide me, and save my lost soul.

After long days of silence and seclusion, lone nights of nightmares and chaos, life visits once again, but this time, she is more vibrant, more vivid, more powerful.

What a fair eleven thrty!

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