The greatest happiness are found within the world of the beautiful, but only after the most bleak and weary hours of suffering.

And this world, is the world of the ‘rationalists’, or the ‘world of universals’, it is where rationality resides, the world of truth, of light, of perfection, of purity. I thank beauty.

How this joy overwhelms! How I am lost for expressions! In this darkness I have found light! In this winter I have found fire, and this fire, shall lit the path that will guide me, and save my lost soul.

After long days of silence and seclusion, lone nights of nightmares and chaos, life visits once again, but this time, she is more vibrant, more vivid, more powerful.

What a fair eleven thrty!

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  1. I have just realised, that there lies a bitter bleakness to my own words, that if I do endorse it, then I am confined to dwell in melancholy, for if I achieve joy through thought, then I must have contradicted myself, and that itself, will perish any glimpse of sunlight. Or, it may just be that, I have truly came to appreciate, suffering. But then why is it that, I still feel the bitterness and coldness in me, at this dark hour?

To thyself be true my friend

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