Raining Days

I love the raining days, she silences all noises of the human world, she surrounds me with warmth and protection, she sings to me with the voices of heaven. I love the raining days, I would see the world in grey, through my parallel windows, covered in raindrops. I love the raining days, I listen to the sound of the pouring waters, splashing and bashing, in rhythmic harmony with my heart. I love the raining days, I would listen to some piano works, and close my eyes, or sing along, and feel the sweet mystical sounds, how they stir my soul! Oh I love the raining days, a watercolour forms before my eyes, beautiful swirls of broad and fine. Raining days, I too am silent, for it needs no more, no more anything, just my being, my presence; for they will speak, and I listen.

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Liszt in the Rain

The world a play in darkened shades, memories in ink, washed like tears, life of nature she waltzes in puddles, a flight of time, through the strings they sing. Lovers they whisper words in silence, beyond words are paintings of passions, a free spirit, at night it sees, what light hides above, they quieten your mind. Oh how beautiful how beautiful this moment of transcendence! Oh how sublime how sublime this instance of serenity! Expression is my prison for I am man, the soul is eternally free, let our heart dance! What is past shall not come again, what epoch be story all words are vain.

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Oh My Dear Sadness

Melancholy is a gift, treasure her well.

One day she be gone, over joy will you dwell.

What beauty has she brought, from deep blue waters?

How she loves you in silence, for your freedom in hell.

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My Dear Dear Little Friends


I took this photo in September 2009. Today, as I was talking with my mother on the phone, and she exclaimed – “Ah, there are two parrots outside the window! Kissing!”. I thought they were gone, as I did not see them the last time I was there, I was sad, I didn’t even bid them a good farewell. How joyful I am to know that they are still there! I watched them almost everyday when I was living in that r…oom, they always came and went in harmony, and they would listen to me playing the guitar, they would kiss, how sweet! How lovely! They’re beautiful. I watched them, for nearly two years, whenever I was staring at them, I would lose myself, forget my sorrows and my whole world becomes sweet and serene, I would smile. Now it is February 2013, I’ve known them for three and a half years, they are still together, they’re outside my window, on those green branches, kissing. I wonder if I’ll be able to see their children, their children’s children… Oh my dear dear little birds, how my love for you is beyond any expression!

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Guten Morgen, Dear

Those who think art can be dissembled from the social, historical and political affairs are naive; but one who cannot appreciate art with a child’s eye knows no art. Words on art cannot be parted from secular affairs; art itself must be passed on in silence.

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A Satire from the Above

Life flourishes with mockery,

Let I be your joyful clown,

A miserable world upon trickery,

A war within the man who renounce.

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I mark this day

With a joyous grace,

Abandon the caves

Rejoice in fate

For I am saved.

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