A Doodle

A Doodle

The digital media is never an alternative to the practice of penmanship, for hand-lettering is not the making of pretty letters, but the forging of the character and the perfection of the soul; in fact, it urges one away from the cold mechanistic world as is today – it teaches a being what it is to be human.

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My Resentment of Philosophia

I never said I love philosophy – in fact, I condemn it.

What I love is wisdom, and this, is what I resent – I resent my love of wisdom.

I appraise love, I chase after wisdom, I lament the love of wisdom.

I only engage in the love of wisdom because I love wisdom, but I agonize over this engagement.

No, I am not self-contradictory, nor is this a divided desire.

You must realise, that, it is the love of foolishness which founds the search for wisdom.

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