The Concerto

The concerto is a battle between the existentialist subject and the society as an union. The symphony orchestra represents the power and structure of the social, while the soloist reflects the freedom and expressions of the individual. The concerto is a war, a war between the speculative good life of humanity as a whole, and the struggle of humanity itself, of the human individual; after all, the individual forms the society, only then shall the society shape its members.

The effect creating works of modernity reveals a general leaning towards consequentialist ideals, the instruments no longer are recognised as in themselves musically expressive, of the clarity of pitch and timbre, but of how it affects the overall impressions upon the listener. The individual no longer lives as a human being, but as a mere mechanical piece within a gigantic framework of machinery – the social machine. Who is the conductor? Where are the audiences? There is none. We have long forgotten the origins of this, now headless zombie – this, is the tragedy.

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