Society. Schools.

Speeches without contents are corruptive;

Thoughts without expressions are useless.

The common modern person is no more rational than those of the past ages, yet they are deceived into the illusion of having greater rationality. This illusion, is caused by the exponential growth in technological advancements, economical and industrial growth, the increase in population, globalisation, information accessibility and overflow etc. All of these lead to changes in the behaviours of individuals and groups, and ultimately the emergence of a replacing social norm. This social norm then affects (and is in turn affected by – as individuals become submerged passively into such norms) ethical standards (such as the acceptance of homosexual marriage in certain places around the world; the emphasis on so-called ‘equality’ and ‘human rights’; the idea of ‘freedom’ and ‘materiality’). The illusion of rationality is nothing but the belief – ‘our’ social norm and ‘ethical standards’ are (more) ‘correct’ than those of the past generations. This is an illusion, because the average person in no way understands the underlying workings of the ideas that she/he takes for granted; instead, these ideas are spoon-fed into their mind through the brainwashing via their immediate circles, their cultural environments, the modern educations system and the media – before they are equipped with adequate rationality to critique and to think – in fact, most are never (or never had the chance to be) equipped with any intellectual capacity, enough to even evaluate their most basic fast-holding beliefs. These are fine – in all of history, we know that the common person is not involved much with the running of this world; yet today – almost everyone thinks that they’re rational. It is this illusion of rationality, that is hiding at the centre of a emerging shadow, a social corruption – the naivety and incompetence of the people will cost themselves very dearly.

Power comes from the people – the government has power only because of people’s support, the multi-billion corporations have power only because of people’s valuing in materiality. Corruption and decay does not come from these ‘powerful figures’, but from ourselves – we dig our own graves, we bring the world to an end with our very own hands, we contradict ourselves when we stand and call in the name of ‘the good’.

Wake up, I plead thee…

A note on education: English (or the native language of a particular nation) is usually compulsory in secondary education, while all other subjects (in many schools) are mere electives. The idea is simple – a free education, in the name of liberty. Yet how can one be free when one cannot even think? We teach language because we think it is the most fundamental subject area for one to even dare hold the title of ‘being educated’, yet we forget, how thinking (or more precisely, rationality), goes hand in hand with expressing. Philosophical training, should be the other compulsory unit in every secondary education in this world, for it teaches not of ideas or beliefs, but trains one to be very careful with thoughts, being intellectually rigorous, being extremely sensitive to errors in expressions – these are necessary traits for one to be a rational human being, albeit the other wonderful beauty philosophy teaches. Mathematics, is another extremely useful, yet not necessary (as we understand of its technicality – mathematics is another language – a quantitative language), for it trains one’s mind to be comfortable with rigorous and complex abstract concepts and formulating ideas and thoughts in the abstract realm.

Of course, I understand – these are all ‘well and good’, but whether they ever shall be realised is another matter – for this depends on the question of whether people want to be rational, and human.

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