A Little Morning Incident

I listened to a night of Chopin’s Nocturne in Eb major. Well, perhaps often in my dreams was I, and the music only whispered within my mind – with mesmerising sublimity and wonder. It at times spoke as ‘meta-music’, telling me that music is necessarily temporal.

I left it playing – with a higher volume, after I began making Frühstück. (It still is playing in the background now, and I shall be reluctant to replace it with Mendelssohn or Tchaikovsky, for this piece re-renders my palette with each delicacy, and rewinds time with an odd sentiment. (This is Maestro Ashkenazy’s playing)

When making my tea, I have the habit of setting a timer-alarm with my phone, so that my early black tea is not overly brew. I ate breakfast at the time.

Despite my repeated hearings of wild and mystical tones from the music on different occasions of this listening, I was astounded at the extra piano notes that arrived at my left ear – I at first thought it was the left speakers (I have a surround system placed at a fair distance from each other). I hope I wasn’t going schizophrenic (for I certainly do not think there are those extra notes in the nocturne). Then I noted and recalled the presence of my tea – oh poor tea! I looked at my phone – my usual alarm tone “Be My Love by Keith Jarrett” is playing (I must have been indeed in an utterly inadequate state of mind to have misidentified the sound). Anyway, that’s the incident, and now I have my lovely tea warming my cold winter morning. Ah!

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