The seed of life is abandoned,

into an abyss I hardly comprehend.

Through each step I struggle,

for bliss in mortal’s end.

When the gate of riddles open,

awaits a deeper darkness.

Such loneliness we all share,

no escape from an eternal affair.

Beauty be dreamed in this fall of time,

What songs I hear what colours I sight?

For all dreams shatter with each step, 

save a canvas most white.

Another step I dare not take,

yet I yearn for morning’s light.

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Wishing Again

The life of this phoenix, a flight for two years.

From flames to ashes, a rain of tears.

The silent valley awaits, the birth of tragedy.

Such wretched heart be gone!

Yet for love’s sake, I fear.

Seeing the mind prosper;

must the heart submit to fate’s letter?

O! Yet your sweet voice sings of her,

joyous melancholy. I thank you my dear.

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