Chopin, Music

Trust not of appearances, have patience and delicacy, hear it, sense it…

Music is life, it is a mirror.

Music is drama, for life is a drama.

Music is memory, it gifts me with all the joys and sorrows of the past.

Music is a story, a world that comes to me, a dream.

Music is temporal, it is the flowing of the river.

Music is like poetry, the one who reads shall grant it meaning.

A painting changes not, a mirror reflects all that it sees.

The painting brings your mind into the world.

Music guides you through a world of minds.

Music cannot be seen, nor touched, it can only be heard.

Music is a love letter for a lover who listens.

One and only one who listens shall hear her sorrows.

For the musician too writes her story.

The music of Chopin sees absolute freedom within a fine structure.

The fine structure of culture, of sensibility.

The freedom is not wild and chaotic, but refined and elegant.

It is existence upon the human condition.

An existence most conscious of its culture and living a bohemian life that is most elegant and refined.

One who understands Chopin shall sense this burden of freedom.

She must therefore share this sentiment with Chopin, the illness of consciousness, of existence.

She must be more sorrowful than all, yet who is there to see?

A mirror.

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