Vals in the Dark Hours past a Day of Purple Tulips


For those who live, a day or night. For me who reads, a soul divided.

Sensibility has lost all her senses, and the sense has lost all her sensibilities.


You wander in the sun, I walk in the night.

Our paths may never cross, yet my heart to you tied.

So I did say, the strings guided my mind into heaven.

Yet somehow they lured me, into a cold misty garden.

A night most serene, forgetfulness be my lover.

In the company of myself, a song most tender.

Letters most delightful, words most kind.

Closing of the envelope, dusty sorrows unwind.

Memories of the future, a history unwritten.

A black swan lake, the wind ties the ribbon.

Refreshing scents, colourful blossoms.

Turning the wheel, in the sky I dreamt.

A world seemed afar, yet in it I reside.

The purple tulips sing, the vals of the night.


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