Larry in B minor – Afterthoughs and Reflections, the Master of Deception

‘The curse of a genius is that we do not belong in this world, in this age.’

I You have great powers, far beyond your own imagination.

I am first and foremost, an explorer, an adventurer. My heart craves for freedom and my mind has a curiosity beyond that of the wildest child. The darker side of me, yearns for a journey, beyond the mountains, under the sea. But you see, in the light I stand a statue of the most delightful folk, in a town of peaceful acquaintances, drinking and eating. On the two ends they pull me, in a manner most demanding; they torture me, yet they cannot tore me, for they are but a divided desire. The ground beneath me split under their forces, an abyss into which I stare. It stares back at me. I am forbidden from all and from my own very halt. You shall decide my fate, for the words with which to me you speak shall guide. The time has stopped, yet it shall have no difficulties in proceeding when given its key.

II I love the mechanisms. They were never here, and will no longer be.

I was always a man of nature. I loved nature, and I loved discovering her secrets. I pursued her with a romantic affection, an ideal too childish for the taste of modernity. In our times, but not our times. In a time when all the arts are abandoned, and we have turned away from nature. Humanity continued its journey, never quite reaching it; but diverged before it realises. Away we have turned from the gates of the gardens, toward a self-governed world of artefacts, of both nature and man. Perhaps too much understanding for my own good, but never was knowing existence my intention. I love mysteries. I fell into this existential angst only due to its necessity. It is a sin. My exercising of this overly human will, the freedom that I have embraced and acted upon. Humans do not exist, only lesser beings do. We all walk our paths towards being human, but we never quite reach it.

‘Music has arrived too early, and too late. Too early for her long fermata; too late for its possibility.’

8 October 2014

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