The Illness of Consiousness

Consciousness causes suffering, but it also brings insurmountable joy.

The illness of consciousness is a cycle of unbearable torment and enlightening bliss.

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Overcoming Thyself

See thy fears, while in thy youth thou dwell.

When a sun hath a star become, thou hast thy intellect grown.

When a foe hath a friend become, better and stronger thou art.

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Our Feeble Existence

It is a miracle that I still live, for I satisfy every desire for submitting my life to death. The intellect alone calls upon me to walk on.

Consciousness is an illness most unbearable.

It is remarkable that I am here, given the conditions in which I have dwelled. So feeble is our existence; so limited is our knowledge that the encounters of tomorrow may not be contemplated upon. All of life is an unexpected encounter.

What a most mystical piece of work is man.

Oft do things make me forget. Nothing makes me happy, except for perhaps…

Being human. Too human.

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