Beyond Darkness

A weary soul, a child’s joy,

the end of the desert where hope lies.

The goddess of serenity he finally sees,

yet behind her dress darkness hides.


The sky turns burgundy, and thunders roar.

A heart that trembles, eyes that implore.

With a final will, he stands in the storm.

The finale begins, yet, his heart is torn.


No more can he resist, the darkness encloses.

Wounded and sick on a bed of red roses.

The air smells thick, a spirit decays.

Beyond melancholy his voice prays.


Near dark his music begins,

sweet and solemn yet no one hears.

Most delicate his senses, fragile his defences.

Flowers he grow, with blood and tears.

Those flowers fade, in a winter night.

A summer’s sun cannot bring him light.


Beyond darkness few travellers return,

for the edge of darkness is the gate of hell.

A traveller’s mind in darkness learns,

nothing but the coldness in which he dwells.

A broken path, shattered words

In a whirlpool I fell with a remorseful curse.

Beyond darkness I lost all senses.

The mirage of heaven, distant fences.

A candle light, I walk on.

Beyond emptiness, a bitter song.

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