Fantasie no.1 in D major

Ask not of my name, Madame, for I have none.

In a strange misty past my ghastly ghost forlongs.

A heart once in flames never ended her Autumn.

She repaid his embrace with a forsaking song.

The falling leaves in exile, elegantly dancing.

Frailty is their form, the wind is their guiding.

But Madame, do you know – the leaves they are dying?

Their beauty is nothing save their grave falling.

The love of death, and the death of love,

are but the two wings of a naïve white dove.

Nowhere his home, her presence he belonged.

All dreams inspired became nightmares that haunt.

Ask not of my being, Madame, for I have none.

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Shattered – No Exit

What pains you have suffered I dare not comprehend.

Yet I know them too well, we stood before mortal’s end.

You are too sweet and gentle, your pain shatters my soul.

Let me die for you. Let me stand in the cold.

A silent scream is hidden, awaiting for a mirrored heart.

It pierces through my flesh, I cannot bear to see your scar.

But let me caress your wound, let me alleviate your pain.

Look into my eyes! You shall see you in my vein.

The sun casts its shadows, the air is thick with ember.

Yet still your presence I find, for our heart resonates in the night.

An universe within our mind, a heart most delicate we share.

Thus spoke love my dear, we shall bring us eternal light.

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Poussière de Lune

Poussière de lune, a poem sewn.

Chopin’s sonata, betrayed my heart.

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A Most Delightful Sonata, in B Minor

In the mirror, I fear, of my frailty and my valour;
revelling in storms with much pride and vanity.
A great hero triumphs, in the heart of a sailor;
in darkness he sees the fair prince from Hades.

The master of deception – a world in the abyss;
the darkness blinds her from the passions of his soul.
He hears naught but her voice, her presence most delightful.
A smile I cannot hide; this world be my foe.


To the music she dances, so serene and gentle;
the light air flows, a charm most magical.
Mesmerised by her beauty, and lost in her grace.
I smile to her presence, in darkness see her face.

Her strides of great flair, most enchanting and delightful.
Her dresses seen nowhere, in the world of mortals.
In memories I dwell, in dreams I fell.
Red tulips fade and my heart in her well.

A most elegant waltz, drifting from the graves.
Quavers most joyous, skipping above the waves.
My sweetest little rose, how lovely is your being!
My most adorable flower, what bliss I am in!

Bitter cacao in wine, her sweetness most divine.
Of a lover’s finale, at eternity it parts.
Yet words are but feeble, the music of love.
Your innocence I guard, though it breaks my heart.


In the nightly breeze, the recurring spirits sing;
wildly my mind paints our mysteries in silence.
Most delicate your eyes, a prodigy in your sense.
My dearest little angel, I wish to die in your wings.
For death is the end of life, what bliss is this final sleep.
Wistful words wander, in an unspoken dream.

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