A Most Delightful Sonata, in B Minor

In the mirror, I fear, of my frailty and my valour;
revelling in storms with much pride and vanity.
A great hero triumphs, in the heart of a sailor;
in darkness he sees the fair prince from Hades.

The master of deception – a world in the abyss;
the darkness blinds her from the passions of his soul.
He hears naught but her voice, her presence most delightful.
A smile I cannot hide; this world be my foe.


To the music she dances, so serene and gentle;
the light air flows, a charm most magical.
Mesmerised by her beauty, and lost in her grace.
I smile to her presence, in darkness see her face.

Her strides of great flair, most enchanting and delightful.
Her dresses seen nowhere, in the world of mortals.
In memories I dwell, in dreams I fell.
Red tulips fade and my heart in her well.

A most elegant waltz, drifting from the graves.
Quavers most joyous, skipping above the waves.
My sweetest little rose, how lovely is your being!
My most adorable flower, what bliss I am in!

Bitter cacao in wine, her sweetness most divine.
Of a lover’s finale, at eternity it parts.
Yet words are but feeble, the music of love.
Your innocence I guard, though it breaks my heart.


In the nightly breeze, the recurring spirits sing;
wildly my mind paints our mysteries in silence.
Most delicate your eyes, a prodigy in your sense.
My dearest little angel, I wish to die in your wings.
For death is the end of life, what bliss is this final sleep.
Wistful words wander, in an unspoken dream.

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