Shattered – No Exit

What pains you have suffered I dare not comprehend.

Yet I know them too well, we stood before mortal’s end.

You are too sweet and gentle, your pain shatters my soul.

Let me die for you. Let me stand in the cold.

A silent scream is hidden, awaiting for a mirrored heart.

It pierces through my flesh, I cannot bear to see your scar.

But let me caress your wound, let me alleviate your pain.

Look into my eyes! You shall see you in my vein.

The sun casts its shadows, the air is thick with ember.

Yet still your presence I find, for our heart resonates in the night.

An universe within our mind, a heart most delicate we share.

Thus spoke love my dear, we shall bring us eternal light.

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Poussière de Lune

Poussière de lune, a poem sewn.

Chopin’s sonata, betrayed my heart.

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