April Song

Inspired by the faded flowers,

petrified by those magical towers.

Through mist we stroll up this little path,

from the blooming leaves to the fairies’ bath.

Than rose petals your scent sweeter still,

Intoxicated in your seraphic song.

Dearest mystery your eyes they wander,

for a forsaken palace in that icy pond.

Goblins and dwarfs in caves they dreamed,

ghosts of your voice a lullaby weaved.


In the sweetest breeze our spirits sing,

to breathing fires and the snaking sand.

O! My beloved, my dearest spring!

I will freeze time with my withering hand.

If your bliss and life be granted for me,

then let my soul be damned for thee.


The Andante summons the winter air,

waking from a dusty garden.

Another dream your words conjured,

my senses your presence conquered.

By the fire we sit when stories unwind,

Sirens livelier than my mind.

All thoughts dissolved, I’m lost in your grace.

Mesmerised in your breath and your gentle face.

If eternally I may in your paradise sleep,

be’t my life or my soul, for the devil to keep.

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