I Miss You

I miss you.

I miss the good old days, the slumbering air.

I miss the autumn gardens, the golden flare.

I miss the torquoise fog, the burgundy dusk.

Those grand old feasts, a truthful mask.

I miss you.

When his ghostly waves haunt, my memories afloat.

Still your scent fondles, from my old winter coat.

Helplessly I dream of you in these frosty nights.

Morning puddles dance the blues in my eyes.

I miss you.

I miss that boy once naïve and hopeful.

I miss those unholy phases most artful.

I miss your voice and your silent strides,

your lovely dresses and your untainted eyes.

I miss you.

By the fire I pen this yearningly song.

 My heart in angst with a petrified tongue.

The dread of your absence forbade my rest. 

Hallucinations of my velvet crest.

Undraped mortality I confess to you.

Forgive me, my heart, for my childish wrongs.

For you I long.

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