Sensing Art

Scattered light drapes a grand cathedral,

golden dust upon her apricot hair.

Blue spell weaves through cryptic petals,

proximity of this piece most fair.

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A poem is a truth no longer,

for the self away from the past drift,

to death – her grand finale.

A poem is a clinging ghost,

for to doubt must doubts stand,

on the vision of the doubted.

A poem is a kaleidoscope shattered,

whose colours her creator cannot see,

when those forgotten memories hide.

A poem is a dead child,

a tragic weakness of the heart,

words the spirits engraved,

this death-loving art.

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My Reflected Friend

As my heart swings with this helpless tune,

I think of you my dear old friend.

From the greatest demise of liberty you descended,

to the plateau of this green deserted land.

Indigo skies in your morning hours,

Sleepless I’ll be in my palace of blues.

Anticipated a history of my corpse,

In our past we romanticised like fools.

Ringing bells in the blooming air,

Not signs of joy but songs of despair.

My friend my friend our beliefs may part,

yet our passions bind our dreamy scars.

We strolled in those blissful dusks,

uttering words of the most ambitious art.

how our thoughts stormed in the growling sea,

for our cherished world turns on our perishing hearts.


When you are gone, what lonely memories

fade in this tea hour.

To my friend, a caring, and for its caring a tormented soul. 

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Falling, If

Sweeping through the dull dresses, an encounter unforeseen.

Dream is a most welcomed guest, thoughtlessly I fell.

Must it bear the sorrows of Earth, the devil’s white wings.

Paralysed in ecstasy, drowning in lavender well.

Mesmerised by the unbearable tales, in sweet airs afloat.

Playground of painful charms, the witch’s cat coat.

Am I embracing or abandoning? My being orbits.

Sleepless hours, a swan caressing my little boat.

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Golden Anniversary

Dear Jean & Bob,

As the oceans rise and the glaciers fall,

when frail leaves may bear our words.

Moon dust by which we remember,

the golden skies of our childhood lore.

Though roses wither, ink may fade, 

beauty persists in our loving hearts.

Though changes witness our cherished years,

your love transcends the mortal arts.

Honoured, Your friend.

23 September 2015 A.D.

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The Sunset of Canberra

Crimson dusk over the countryside,

a peaceful diminuendo. 

Ripples serenading a mid-lunar night,

a tender wind, a baton of delicacy.

A caring heart, a graceful soul,

a man of modesty.

The sweetness of music, a child of nature,

my good friend.

26 July 2013 A.D.

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