Golden Anniversary

Dear Jean & Bob,

As the oceans rise and the glaciers fall,

when frail leaves may bear our words.

Moon dust by which we remember,

the golden skies of our childhood lore.

Though roses wither, ink may fade, 

beauty persists in our loving hearts.

Though changes witness our cherished years,

your love transcends the mortal arts.

Honoured, Your friend.

23 September 2015 A.D.

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The Sunset of Canberra

Crimson dusk over the countryside,

a peaceful diminuendo. 

Ripples serenading a mid-lunar night,

a tender wind, a baton of delicacy.

A caring heart, a graceful soul,

a man of modesty.

The sweetness of music, a child of nature,

my good friend.

26 July 2013 A.D.

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