My Reflected Friend

As my heart swings with this helpless tune,

I think of you my dear old friend.

From the greatest demise of liberty you descended,

to the plateau of this green deserted land.

Indigo skies in your morning hours,

Sleepless I’ll be in my palace of blues.

Anticipated a history of my corpse,

In our past we romanticised like fools.

Ringing bells in the blooming air,

Not signs of joy but songs of despair.

My friend my friend our beliefs may part,

yet our passions bind our dreamy scars.

We strolled in those blissful dusks,

uttering words of the most ambitious art.

how our thoughts stormed in the growling sea,

for our cherished world turns on our perishing hearts.


When you are gone, what lonely memories

fade in this tea hour.

To my friend, a caring, and for its caring a tormented soul. 

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