Vows of Love

Afraid you are of the breakable words,

of the uncertain sunrise that may never be.

Yet how can the king be slain with swords,

if doubts we wed to our righteous creed?

What better than to love can lovers bring?

What vows surmount our cycling springs?

What greater meanings in life we share,

than the very beauty of our entwined being?

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The music of paradise, a kind of reprise

from joy it derives, a return to her surprise.

The winter air embraces my unarmed chest.

How warmly she drapes, my beloved guest.

A time for us, from a long gone past.

I once yearned for the Northern stars.

Princess Luna, on a glamorous stage,

the meaning of midnight blue inked page.

Constellations like reborn ornaments.

Beacons of our artefact weave her patterns.

Though I am blind, the stars greet me,

a luminescence from my Alpha Centuri. 

Perplexed I am amidst lavender dust.

Love alone hides in a diamond cask.

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What has English Done to You?

You emptily proud men and women,

with an inflated sense of self worth.

Retaliating like a mad raven,

when confronted with a simple truth.

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Empathetic Letters

Winter bells above a garden of pebbles,

by the wings of fairies they would sway.

Of fallings leaves and withering flowers,

of the eternal cycles of nature’s play.

Why need we to our histories cling?

Why fear we of a distant chime?

When years grow by the passing springs,

and our lives are but stories through time.

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A friend is the other,

to whom your thoughts wander,

whose existence brings delight.

A friend speaks of the untold,

without changing the way you dress,

you need not behind your mask hide.

A friend is a companion,

whose voice sings of a peaceful sea,

whose silent presence fulfils your wish.

For a friend loves you,

unconditionally, and

love nurtures a sharpness of the eye. 

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