Dream Note N.6 -A World that Rose and Fell

Serenades, silence! Barely can I bear my mind!

Dense as a dead star, my head whirls in wine.

I dragged my corpse off-bed, my distorted limbs in void aches.

Toxic smells and this volcanic air, I cannot in my grave rest.

Was I alive or was I asleep? What was this dream that clung like a ghost?

Indeed a frisky ghost it was, forty cycles of tormenting toast.

A world in which I awoke and designed, with strange theories I never knew.

Perhaps they are but my desires, in darkness from my head spew. 

Why seems this old yet strange? Could the people ever throne truth?

My cunning plans and righteous ideals, their only traces are my remnant ruth.

More than a lucid dream it was, my thoughts exhausted the mad night.

Memories piled as peace dissolved, helpless with silent cries.

With twisted ends and a way of life, this curse I could not expel.

This hellish world rose and fell. I was saved by a vexing bell.

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