Two Tales of Youth

Do you know this young man,

whose soul was too soon weathered?

Already two tales of despair, 

are seen in his silvery hair.

Have you heard of this youth,

whose heart had long since withered?

Like a maple leaf it dangles,

heard in his chilly vibratos.

Do you see that honourable cast,

as a wise old saint stands?

Yet his own mind he knows not,

sinking alone in quicksands.

Have you heard of this orphan,

who once played the Christ?

Haunted by guilt till this day, 

Such is failure’s price.

See that ambitious silhouette,

who is nothing but a frail spirit?

Unreturned was his ardour

that flood Cupid’s parlour.

O! Who is this man?

For the rose above all he yearns,

 Yet he fears of her thorns.

No fermata shall seam the torn.


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