Nocturne N.1

Myriads of spirits, boundless love;
youthful patience awaiting a dove.
Dancing towards the Bohemian ideal;
entrancing beauty followed with a quill.

Airs most enticing upon the gardens descend;
roses most vigorous adorn the poetic crescent.
Emptiness gnaws at an uncertain heart;
serenades more charming than a reflective art. 

Traversing the restless planes we meet,
gracious chances shall never repeat.
O if anything must bear an echo of God –
seraphic harmonies of our effortless chord.

Imperial nightingales by the balcony rejoice,
at the summit or the courtyard our delightful poise.
O! Amorous spells enclose our presence;
his moonless sins shall be redeemed hence!

Ignorance cannot be blamed for his deed,
love alone bears the unforgivable creed.
Orpheus plays his most trembling fate;
voices of life mock at his delicate crate.

Eternal cycles of a tormented soul,
yet is it not save my existential gate?
O! My faith in the fermata shall never fade,
unless, my life be granted the posthumous crusade.

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