Doubt Not of Thyself

Doubt not of thyself, my dear,
for thy beauty hath mine eyes ensnared,
thus I shall be thy loyal servant.

Doubt not of thyself, princess,
for thy beauty rests in thy spirit most bare;
the zest of my heart is most fervent. 

Doubt not of thyself, my angel,
for thy cherished self is thy truest self,
hence our undraped forms intertwine.

Doubt not of my heart, my love,
more doubts encircle my existential air!
O our union shall be beyond divine!

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I Will be There

Incandescent eyes my secrets reveal;

wandering child they see past your veil.

In shadows I await for the arrival of dusk,

Luna signals our escape from your cask.

Let me be your freedom and your light,

beginning our most paradisal flight.

Embers trail our noble polonaise,

tyrants I shall slay with my glaring gaze.

Have faith in our most determined quest,

eternity I enclose in my palatial chest.

Reverberating beyond the mortal chart,

eves shall adorn our harmonious art.

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