Storm in the Black Sea

Strange, who is this dispirited soul?
I draw back in fear at its madness.
An empty heart I resent,
yet am I becoming a being I repent?

Morality is a luxury,
when life itself is unbearable;
dark thoughts haunt me,
driving me towards the edge of sanity.

I am so tired and weary,
from holding onto my worn spirit.
The only regret that I may have before death,
is your regret at my helpless collapse.

I am no weak man,
only that I have devoted my heart to you.
Would that be what you really want –
my heartless corpse that only lolls around?

Each passing day is a hell of uncertainty and dread,
my mind battles valiantly yet you throw me more instead.
Why tread so harshly upon us?
For what are you hurting the person who loves you so much?

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