The Lost Gate

From legends your heroic deeds I have learned,
the cloak of darkness your revolution has earned;
the ethereal gardens of peace you have lost,
such is the enlightenment of humanity’s cost. 

Yet he who bears your enemy’s name,
a tale be told of what is, not ought;
slaves we ourselves make in our lavish cave,
to worship a façade of a sacrificial plot. 

My dear old friend, we meet once again,
your love I had foolishly denied;
as the pages fall onto the forsaken plain,
beneath the heartless heavens I survived.


The master of deception wears no liar’s mask,
the light she hides with a starry cast;
her words have enchanted our mortal hearts,
on an unconditional quest of doom we embark.

A promise of truth sings the magical airs,
emptiness we embrace with our anxious flask;
how beautiful seemed her illusory flairs,
to our innocent souls the loves they scar. 

Falsehoods we impute for our corrupting lairs,
an incomplete map makes more travellers fall,
The evil minds we shun for evil’s heir,
true immorality is a mere mind in the fog.

To see truth as a disciple of a truthful thought,
is to play the devil behind a fanciful door,
‘I trust you, madam; but I believe you not.’
Uncertainty haunts under the tyranny of god.


At last, this insurmountable gate I have lost,
I hold the flames that you have for mankind fought,
beyond the montage of the heavens I rise,
ripping a piece of his oasis from the skies.

Crumbling, breaking, before me the croissant lies,
as I sip my chocolate before this wintery night;
this flesh of perversity I humbly consume,
savouring my gluttony and my enticing perfume. 

All the worlds live but in our mortal hearts,
under no pretence of fate shall a human being chart;
the goodness of evil, my dark angelic court,
is no more absurd than a swaying mort.

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