I gatti di Tubinga

O is not life full of awe
for the child who simply looks?
When pleas one has no more,
gratitude completes the books.

Sweeter than honey is this wine
in the presence of your grace;
by the whispering Neckar we dine,
as the beauty of life unlace. 

O forgive me for my wrongs,
if trespassed have my songs;
for oft my words are undue,
though my heart is none but true.

Perhaps our diaries it is,
or our hopeless Bohemian dreams;
as your tears onto my string drips,
my heart too quietly weeps. 

Innocent we are in this
world of glamorous charades;
yet beyond the lawless abyss —
music of undefeated parades.

Nothing of you I ask,
no — not even that of trust;
nothing than time is more just,
all shall return to dust.

I wish only for the troubles
to rise from your gentle face;
I wish for you only tenderness,
though sorrows I too embrace.

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