Earthly Rejoice

Perhaps apathy is darker than darkness still,
’tis when two voids at one another stare.
Yet is life not for one to simply live?
What loves could linger post a fermented air?

Who is to mock at our comical lives,
when two worlds clash over prosaic affairs?
Are glories and crimes but the dandelion’s quest,
or the virtues and vices of a weary flare?

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‘Yet how can she hear my truest voice,
If all the beauty are mine alone?’
In a wasted world of fluttering fears,
the flares of a gaze shall hollow your bones.

Against nature and reason our hubris guide,
behind a veil of pretences our frailties hide;
your virtues shall by your comrades abide,
true light shall eternally in darkness reside.

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Pas de Deux

No, not two.
Not when the snow is melting,
before she took leave of the blushing clouds,
pierced by the harsh wind.

No, not two.
Not when the flowers are fading,
before they rose above the emerald sprouts,
poisoned by the lawful flairs.

No, not two.
Not when the leaves are falling,
before they golden in the garnet droughts,
fissured by the blind fiend.

No, not two.
Not when your senses are dying,
before they caught sight of the artful hours,
wasted by the heartless fairs.

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For Life

No birth can come of this season,
as the heavens bleed at dawn,
her wounds marked by perfection,
though for imperfection I long.

For what of life I desire,
if not the beauty of a song?
To the voice of angels aspire,
to none but beauty I belong.

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The Limits of Being Human

With the pen you may as God pretend,
shades and flesh of all forms create;
but heroes are not made of fanciful ends,
but of their wonted mortal fate.

For what do the people’s paths diverge —
when all rivers yield to the ocean’s call?
Upon death lovers shall never part,
the truth is — death is the union of all.

What mighty sword from the legends you hold,
or mystical forces you may freely wield;
shaping life in your masterful mould,
shall not from the banes of existence shield.

So tell me, my friend, what fortunes await
— when mortality has no roads unbound?
Must I play a fool for the fools’ parade,
or to weep at the summit for the fated plague? 

If the mind could the mindless torrents sway, 
if freedom were to be no longer a curse;
no exit still from our mortal crate,
lest beauty is to be the greatest dearth.

My skin is breathing this evening air,
sensing the workings of dice or dole;
in darkness I see the inky flares
of dreams that summon from a rabbit hole.

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