Dream Note 17 –Royal Supper

In a dark mist, the blind treads,
in good conscience they pray for light.
What pitiful soul would hear their sighs,
in this unholy land of unreserved blight?

Calmly, my friend and I stroll,
by the little river along this familiar road,
across the stone bridges where the palace stands,
inside the gates her chandeliers behold.

Post our affairs a supper awaits,
on the table, lay three, six, or eight plates,
a stray phantom his blazers hang,
my regal comport the clock plagues.

In the palace garden the headless runs,
without guilt for blood they demand.
Self-mutilated souls atop this pitiless earth;
a mordant affair of hare hunting stags.

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Dream Note No. 16 – The Slaughter of the Lambs


Before my eyes the dark clouds open,
as I watch the sad fate for a pack of five,
who rides the train to a nearby haven,
led by a young prince and his father’s wife.

In this village a mansion resides,
wherein a butcher in white cloak hides,
by the name of ‘Dr.’ he holds his knife,
lacerating corpses on his holy bed.

On the young man’s back I count scars,
marking the hearts that hallowed blood,
ensnared on his bed the warrior lies,
as I with others watch from behind bars.

With mastery Dr. pinches the scalpel,
opening up the young man’s corpse,
with skills the Dr. takes hold of the liver,
and with care a piece is cleanly carved.

And to the heart still via arteries attach,
the youth mindlessly endures this bane,
with mechanical vice the heart they slash,
I am the youth, in this painless pain.

As fears burn in those marbled eyes,
as silent screams deafened the scene,
as time freezes in a fleeting chaos,
the Dr. leaves, from the exit in.

Now in the garden of aubergine and bleen,
Alice sits on the limestone fence,
in mystical airs shrouded we are,
I become Alice, with half a heart.

As I, Alice, conjures up a plan,
to escape the menace we don’t understand,
as our pack hustles to the river side,
by rusted buildings, by the glimmering night.

On the other side it seems we were,
ashore the sea that feeds this river,
trembling, we pushed him off the rocks,
as deadly silence consumed all light.

Although we prayed that he be drowned,
yet we know the truth we do not crown; now
all roads are lost, in this perilous night,
so we scramble to find the evil in sight.

Yet none could see a sign of him,
for sure in the sewers, are paths before paved,
so we dare not return to the peaceful abode,
but nor have we anywhere else to go.


In the quarantined city of Peter’s garden,
the stench of chlorine assaults my senses.
There is a map, always in sight,
in the south-western quarter we reside.

We slaughtered them, those suicidal fiends,
this apocalyptic residence we carelessly rinsed,
on the second floor of a once lavish apartment,
overlooking a street, by an avenue cleansed.

Admiralteyskaya, the northern hub,
at the end of the first turn from our street,
two stations away from this northern hub,
stands our office in the south-east.

Again we are, a pack of five:
a couple, our boss, and a light-hearted girl;
little did we know, the fiends had returned,
as we round Admiralteyskaya whirl.

By our bend, ourselves we stall,
we dare not return to the hanging hall,
the couple, the girl are somewhere now,
as our boss return to office somehow.

I enter, on three tranquil soul,
afore the ornate mirror I call;
she floats over, we make love.
The city crumbles, into dust.

(Music: Lubomyr Melnyk “Fallen Trees”)

Dream Note No. 15 – Капли Дождевые

Falling, into the depth, hark –
the howling of this dry youthful well;
there are clouds within my heart,
where raindrops hardly hold themselves.

In history’s stain the victors are righteous,
for we neglect the passing hours;
whether autumn answers winter’s calls,
who is the arbiter of this lawless world?

In dreams the righteous are victorious,
for the unrighteous act of playing God;
behind a veil old faces return,
when the lifeless dreams in a raindrop.

Such speed is this reckless world,
for the world is our ambitious task;
yet do you know that ambitions are,
but a veil for our anxious heart.

For the beauty of life I weep,
for the meaning we did not cherish,
bestowed upon life by our artful soul,
and buried in dust by the mindless ghoul.

For our withering friends I weep,
for their love that gave beauty meaning,
for the heartful letter that gave way to text,
for my wilted regret, when raindrops fall.

Dream Note No. 14 – Five Nightmares

The steel helmets march in,
decimating this lifeless land;
in anguish the helpless burn,
on black marshes the children stand.

There is nothing I could do,
for in paralysis I lay bare,
when children ran in on the spectacle,
of a cherished yet forsaken mare.

In dreams I dream of my airy cask,
in the air I wield a blunted sword,
again before this old indigo dusk,
resolute and honest does the blade thrust.

In estranged land she brings to me,
fruits from a lake of blood,
formed as the emperor’s dessert,
into crumbles the world shatters.

O what before a long sleep stand,
when in sleep we dream of this prelude,
tormented and morphed into despair,
in sleep I sleep in a no-return land.

Yet strange it is the barrel shakes not,
for all but episodes of a crimson plot,
when snow falls on a traveller’s path,
as light drapes over a loveless knot.

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The Inner Joy of Void

Gently the bliss on my velvet fall,
as the lights lower along the pastel wall;
in limestones our righteous histories carved,
of bitter airs, of a lover’s recall.

Silence drapes the romantic road,
no end in sight near this ending note;
patiently, among the silent I tread,
awaiting my end with an endless woe.

In company of the tavern crowd,
dancing and singing in their earthly shrouds;
in ecstasy our souls toward the darkness plunge,
transcending above the winter clouds.

Desires call for desires’ end,
for endless cycles for the eternal trend;
for what the bloodless rivers flow?
In a new spring again the flowers grow.

Who shall walk on this little road,
when absent souls for the study search,
in which the devoted scribe his words,
away casted, from the church?

As for me, who is a prosaic man,
playing life for the pleasure of wine;
yet still at times I return to the harrowing hill,
playing God, for the void Inferno in my mind.

1 Jan 2020

Dream Note No. 13 – Chopin

An arrival at a lodging by the sea,
like a piece from Aivazovsky;
with a party under the old pine bridge,
the trial sets our afflictions free.

The impending waves our comrades flank,
yet in peace and grace advances our rank;
on the rocky islet our senses embrace,
the scent of roses from a whitened bank.

Under the staircase the catacombs call,
at my retreat under the noble floor;
I chance upon your slumbering notes,
in a dark gallery by a marble door.

From nowhere chants a nocturnal plea,
as buried ghosts cling to their creed;
though the earthy waves their mirrors purge,
in ashes the familiar shadows they see.

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Dream Note No. 12 – Жаворонок

Empty handed on an empty stage,
fingers frozen in a distant past;
forgotten melodies on an empty page,
forgotten friends in a wooden cast.

Which notes recount the summer days,
when dreams of winter imbue my heart?
Which, songs would autumn praise,
no more, he hears of the youthful lark.

For whom, the rainbow? They ride a gale,
riding along an unmarked road;
defiled by his vulgar flail,
redeemed by his Opheliac abode.

Cherished in his bloodstained hand,
memories to their gazes chained;
before the homely gates they stand,
that began with the windows stained.

By the balcony the lovebirds part,
with sweet murmurs of delicate love;
as she falls toward the lavish pines,
as marble before a labyrinth he stands.

The silent intruder the libraries hail,
in arias from his nightly ghost;
down he spirals on a silvery trail,
what courage he finds in this abyssal host.

Still the larks are in peace asleep,
as he steps onto the reminiscent rug;
urgency calls for a unexamined sweep,
for the night too shall return to sleep.

Yet reveries stun his capricious mind,
as old age returns with a blissful light;
as the silvery trail become diamond steps,
from his cello the lark takes flight.

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Reluctant Waves

At a walking pace,
the waves gently sway,
a cat naps in her cradle
above a restful lake.

The flowers happily bloom,
the swans open their wings,
to welcome the summer days,
when the air coruscates.

Yet my days are overcast,
for none but the lonely heart,
for the darkest shadows are,
by all other shadows marred.

My heart longs for winter,
when the shy roads are draped
in a shimmering furry coat,
beneath a silent black cloak.

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Summer Mist

In the mist I see,
a hand skipping to the summer romance,
lost in the overhasty wind,
never arriving at a cadence.

Fazed at this dissonance
with no intention of taking leave,
drowning in the shimmering fire
that seems almost immortal.

Unreflective is this mirror,
banished from his trance,
in this summer mist,
where the heart plays chance.

The long days are divided,
with light taking her side,
yet for the night I long,
when muses would bring my bride.

Art! The calling from a soul
who murmurs from afar,
leaving this spiritless ghoul
atop a spellbinding cart.

In this wasteland,
I trudge my way forth,
fighting my mortal self,
who had left spring behind.

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How Life Works

How life works, I wish I know,
before I am too frail and slow,
before I forget how eyes could cry,
in the seasons when rivers flow.

How life works, I no longer know,
how a word into stories grow,
though have voyages me well scarred,
her secrets are buried inside the snow.

Where is the youth I cannot recall?
Why is wisdom more distant still?
For what quests did my spirits drudge?
For what on earth do I plough?

What love is I wish I know,
thus so knowledge may knowingly go,
above my fifth the ravens sing,
marking my unresolvable woe.

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