O! Stupidity!

Stupidity is everywhere. O! Stupidity is everywhere.

Stupidity is everywhere, it overwhelms me.

Stupidity floods the banks, I cannot escape from this whirlpool.

I am not a romantic bourgeois, but O! Stupidity is everywhere.

It is in local gatherings, in the social media.

It is in the farmlands, and in the academia.

Stupidity is everywhere. O! You sad insecure creatures!

Stupidity is everywhere. O! You rash ignorant fools!

Stupidity pollutes the air, I am suffocating.

Stupidity poisons the mind, I am nauseating.

Why is stupidity everywhere?

What is stupidity?

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How Like a Philosopher!

The most valuable advice a philosopher may give to one, is to tell him/her not to engage in the pursuit of wisdom. A philosopher has the duty to stop people from philosophising, this is the most moral action a philosopher can do for people (Just as a traveller who discovered a land of plague has the duty to warn his fellow people not to walk towards this land). Philosophy is dangerous, for it segregates you from society, forces you to resent the common man, and suffer in the deepest melancholy for the rest of your life. Become religious instead, and stay safe, healthy and joyful.

Yet what happens in reality is that a philosopher will encourage those who are engaged, for they too are selfish, they wish for an ideal world, how paradoxical!

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Oh World! Oh Human!

“Why so serious?”? What’s wrong with the world is not that people are serious, no! It’s that they are so careless that they’ve developed a fear for any seriousness – truth, they have become weak, lazy, stupid, ill. They can no longer even comprehend the wise words of the fool. They can no longer appreciate what it is to be human. Only idiots take Bladerunner to the word. 2019? No! It had already began! Long ago! Indifferent, disinterested, robotic, calculating, utilitarian, meaningless. Oh my dear humans, what’s going on in your heads? Do you begin your thoughts and then cut it off because they terrify you? Anyone dare to be honest and speak to me that they are living their life to its full, that is, they are really self conscious of what they are thinking and how they are living? Or else I challenge you with this question – why do you even live?

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Education, and Existence

“I may no longer tolerate this… Philosophy, and in particular, critical thinking, should, and must be, a compulsory core unit of each and every secondary colledge throughout this world, along with language (linguistics) and an appropriate level of mathematics. It is okay if persons have no specialised knowledge in areas from the sciences, or the arts, but it is an absolute absurdity, if people do not even know how to think, at least, to think with validity – to be.

Only then, will liberty come into being, when people close themselves from being manipulated, and cease the attempt to do so. Only then, will people swim away from their swamp of ugliness, will they again, be human, not tools.

Allow not your pretencious black cloaks, filled with intending fallacious entities deceive with opinions, if so, do not speak. If queries may arise, then let your words flow, revealing a genuine curiosity of the mind. Existence, need not opinions nor a circular questioning of the question, it, wants reason. ”

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