Dear reader friends,

Due to my following of many philosophical pages via this account, I am having more guests, thus I have the responsibility to note for you the following.

The writings on this page are (mostly) not serious philosophical works of any kind, they’re aphorisms that allude more than argue. This page was originally intended as a personal diary that is open to view – such that I can express and share certain thoughts and feelings without having to personally disturb the reader in the unfortunate event of having to read my desolation and despair (since she/he will most likely not know me). Thus, the writings here though authentic and indeed very serious, are not logically rigorous. Many other of the aphorisms here are satirical, and are intended to alert and direct rather than rigorously provide. The main reason I do not publish my more ‘serious’ works here is that they would not be of much value for the common reader, and I personally dislike having long essays on this page – it ruins my aesthetical taste for this page – I am but a wayward child when it comes to taste.

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To thyself be true my friend

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